Aluminium, Polycarbonate & glass verandas ireland

We supply and install verandas in leinster. All our quotes Include Supply of Materials & Full Installation.

5 year

High quality materials designed and manufactured in the Netherlands with a 5 year guarantee.

Very Low

The aluminium frames mean these verandas require very little maintenance and can easily withstand all types of weather.

No Planning Permission Needed

Verandas in Ireland are not classed as a room, but as a removable structure, so you don't need planning permission!

Quick & Professional Install

Our team have years of experience in this industry, and will help you from design to build and end result.

Our Range of Aluminium, Polycarbonate & Glass Verandas in Ireland

Glassscreens.ie supply and fit an extensive collection of verandas in Ireland. We are the approved supplier and fitter for Deponti’s range of luxury verandas in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Choose from a range of aluminium, polycarbonate and glass verandas to extend your home into the garden.

Deponti veranda frames are made of aluminium to give you a strong and robust construction that will last for many years. They require little maintenance and bespoke sizes are available. You can chose from multiple options such as polycarbonate and glass roof finishes, glass panels and glass sliding doors, or solid sides. Download our veranda catalogue to chose the perfect one for your space.

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Veranda Ideas & designs for Your house

We have a range of veranda ideas and products to help you to create the perfect veranda design for your house. From simple veranda designs for a small house to connect your home to the garden in summer or a fully enclosed space that can be used year round. If you live in Leinster we supply and fit it all!

veranda installation

Our professional team will complete your veranda installation, so you can be sure it will last for years to come! We will do any base work preparation or removal of any existing structures prior to foundation work and installation.

Construction worker working with a shovel beside material pile
Site Clearance
Icon of excavator doing groundworks for veranda ireland installation
Foundation Works
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Veranda Installation
Icon of light bulb for electrical installation on veranda

Book a Site Visit & Audit

We will perform a free assessment of your area to ensure the installation can be properly planned. All our visits our carried out safely, following the latest guidelines.

Many of our installations will involved some pre-installation work, including ground works, foundations, or brick work. It’s best to have a fair assessment of what needs to be done so we can deliver on time!

Aluminium and Glass Veranda Cost

All our installations are bespoke to each customer, so our aluminium and glass veranda costs can vary. Usually estimates start at €3000.

Verandas Prices

From €3000

Veranda Supply and Installation in the leinster area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need planning permission to build a veranda in Ireland?

No – planning permission is not required! In Ireland a veranda is not classed as a room, but classed as a removable structure, so you are not required to get planning permission.

How Much Does A Glass Veranda Cost?​

All our glass veranda installations are bespoke to each customer, so our costs can vary. Usually estimates start from €3000.

How durable are your verandas?

Our verandas are designed and manufactured in the Neatherlands. They are engineered to the highest standards, and are suitable for all seasons in Ireland. They also come with a 5 year guarantee.

How is the Veranda sealed to my house wall?

The veranda roof is bolted to your house wall. We then seal using a silicone sealant.

How long will it take for my veranda to be delivered?

From ordering your new veranda to sitting down and enjoying it, you can expect to wait about 4-6 weeks.

How long Does it take Install the veranda?

We are on site for about 3-5 days to install your veranda.

What is the difference between patio and veranda?

There’s only a small difference between pergolas and verandas. A pergola is a freestanding structure which can be added to any outdoor space. Verandas are attached to your home.

Do you supply verandas in custom sizes?

Yes, all our verandas are built bespoke to your space and size requirements.

How is the Veranda fixed to the ground?

We fix our veranda posts to a concrete foundation with bolts.

What foundations do you put in?

We put in a concrete foundation before building your veranda. Our professional team will carry out all the groundworks and foundation pouring so you don’t need to worry about getting other contractors for this work.

What is Your payment process?

We take a 50% deposit on confirmation of your order, then 25% when we arrive on-site. The final 25% is due on completion. We accept bank transfer or cash.

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